Eiffel Tower Gardens

What to See in Gardens of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower gardens are a must-see if you are visiting Paris. Eclipsed by the tower, the gardens near this world famous landmark are highly attractive and eye-catching, all because of the amazing greenery amidst the busy crowded streets, serving as a soothing treat to mind and soul. Moreover, the city management is actively contributing to recreating the gardens, and reducing the vehicular congestion near the Eiffel Tower area. The changed design comes with the intention to attract more visitors’ to experience the pristine belvedere, and the scenic beauty of the waterfalls, paths, and other major attractions. These gardens have several exciting aspects where visitors can spend some memorable times with family and friends around the shrubs and the shady trees. The Sycamore tree standing tall for more than 200 years is a special mention. These gardens near the Eiffel tower complement the whole Eiffel tower experience with their serene attractiveness and lush greenery.

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The Belvederes

Surrounded by bushes and shrubs covered in flowers, the Belvederes allows you to get an outstanding panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. It also serves as one of the best spots for photography. This picturesque location lies by the Allee Jean Paulhan along the East Gardens and the Pond, close to the Entrance in the East and the North Exit of the Tower. The Belvederes came with the initial designs of the garden and was gradually included in most city gardens from that time.

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A Cave at the Foot of the Tower

The Grotto, which translates to an artificial man made cave in French, lies in the West Gardens. It is indeed mesmerizing that this cave has a waterfall inside. Furthermore, the different trees, and shrubs with flowers add a splash of color to the garden overall. Belvederes and Grottos share a similarity that both were structures of a ‘Belle Epoch’ garden from the late 19th century revealing a mystifying beauty.

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Discover the 200-year-old sycamore

The enormous Sycamore tree found near the Grotto is considered to be one of the oldest standing trees in the country. Having existed for over 200 years now,the sycamore tree is known to be planted in 1814. It stands elegantly 65 feet tall, which instantly draws our attention. It is impossible to miss this marvelous tree as you will find it near the West Exit of the Eiffel Tower.

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Historic Chimney

Resembling a castle turret, the brick pillar near the west exit will give you the impression that amidst the verdant foliage is a castle hidden somewhere. However, when this complicated structure was initially built, it was a part of the Eiffel Tower itself. Serving a quite practical purpose, this historic chimney served as a channel for the steam to go out caused by the equipments that worked in the elevators of the Tower.

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The Iron Lady’s Ponds

One of the outstanding spots in these gardens near the Eiffel Tower is the Iron lady’s ponds. Found near the Allee Jean Paulhan on the East side of the Gardens, the ponds lie along Allee des Refuzniks in the West Gardens. The presence of several trees have played a great role to attract many birds seen near the ponds and that in turn makes the surrounding environment quite tranquil and peaceful. You will also find different varieties of fish in these ponds. All these turn the gardens highly alive and scenic.

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Magnificent view of Eiffel Tower

If you want to capture the ultimate and magnificent views of the Eiffel tower then the gardens near the Eiffel tower are the best location to do so.

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Plan Your Visit to Eiffel Tower Gardens

Essential Information

Timings & Location: The Eiffel tower Garden is open for visitors all day long and is at Champ de Mars, Paris, Ile de France 75007

How to Reach: One can easily reach the Eiffel tower gardens via Allee Paul Deschanel and the West Gardens via Allee Leon Bourgeois. To avoid traffic one can choose from the following public transport which is extremely hassle-free.

  • By Bus: Buses 82, 42, 86, 72, and 69 go to the Eiffel Tower, and then it is just an 8 to 10 minutes walk to the gardens.
  • By Metro: One can find three metro stations near the Eiffel Tower — Trocadéro Station, Bir-Hakeim Station, and École-Militaire Station.
  • By RER: One can choose to travel on Line ‘C’ of the Paris RER rail network. Get off at Champs de Mars station and from there it is just a few minutes' walk.

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  • There are strict security checks that visitors undergo at the Allee Leon Bourgeois (West Gardens) and Allee Peter Deschanel (East Gardens).
  • Plucking flowers in the garden is strictly prohibited.
  • Always use the trash cans in the garden to maintain cleanliness.
  • While strolling around this beautiful and vast garden, it is advisable to carry a light snack and a water bottle. For meals, you can also book at the restaurants close to the Eiffel Tower.
  • You can use the restrooms in the Tower, for you can’t avail any restrooms in the garden.

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FAQ’s For Eiffel Tower Gardens

Who designed the Eiffel Tower Garden?

Jules Vacherot for the annually held World Fair designed the original and main gardens.

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What can I see at the Eiffel Tower Garden?

Several beautiful spots can be seen at the Eiffel Tower Garden. Such as The Belvedere, Cave, 200-Year-Old Sycamore Tree, Chimney, and Iron Lady’s Ponds

When was the Eiffel Tower Garden built?

The Gardens were formerly built in 1878 but over time; 2019 renewed them to their present glory.

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Can I visit the Eiffel Tower Garden?

Yes. Entry to the gardens is free for all. It is recommended to visit the gardens during the early hours, since it tends to get crowded by the evening.

What are the opening hours of the Eiffel Tower Garden?

The Eiffel tower gardens are open all day long and can be visited at any time.

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What is the Eiffel Tower Garden?

It is a beautiful space of greenery and natural beauty that surrounds the Eiffel Tower. It is an amazing botanical wonder that comprises many various species of flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees that serves as an extraordinary green cover around the busy streets around the tower.

Where is the Eiffel Tower Garden?

The Eiffel Tower Garden is just a few minutes' walk from the Tower. One would pass through the gardens to enter the East entrance of the Tower.

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