Eiffel Tower Light Show - A Magical Experience

Eiffel Tower Light Show

Renowned as one of the best visual experiences in Paris, the Eiffel Tower Light Show is a must-see highlight during a night tour of the iconic city. The Tower, which attracts millions of visitors annually, lights up on all evenings for five minutes per hour until 1 AM. If you catch up to the Tower on special occasions like New Year’s Eve or Bastille Day, you will get to witness a stunning fireworks show beyond the glow of the lights.

The Tower lights up in different colours to support or endorse important causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With a beacon at the top that helps tourists find routes in the dark, the Eiffel Tower’s lights are much more than a simple aesthetic for Paris. The first Light Show at Eiffel Tower was organised in 1889, with 10,000 gas lights and two huge projectors.

The techniques have changed since then, with authorities installing 336 projectors on the ground that light up the Eiffel Tower today as well as limit energy consumption at the attraction. Plan your Paris itinerary to include at least one night with the Eiffel Tower Light Show, which is visible from most locations in the city and ranks among the top romantic activities in the City of Love.

Book Eiffel Tower tickets and watch the light show or you can also take a Seine River cruise and enjoy the light show on a clear night.

The Eiffel Tower Illuminations in History

  • Eiffel Tower at night is like a lighted paradise. It has represented many occasions and festivals in the past.
  • In 2008, Eiffel Tower sparkled with blue and yellow lights representing the European flag for the occasion of France assuming the European Presidency.
  • Eiffel Tower's 120th anniversary witnessed the light show every night for two consecutive months. On one of these nights, the Eiffel tower lights were a combination of vibrant colors from purple to red and blue, which moved up and down the tower in arty and hypnotic patterns.
  • In November 2015, Eiffel Tower changed its color to the French tricolor flag in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attack.
  • In November 2016, the Eiffel Tower sparkle turned green in the hope of a sustainable future and to represent the new Paris Climate Agreement.
  • In support of the LGBTQ community and to pay homage to the victims of Orlando's nightclub shooting, the Eiffel Tower light show turned its colors to every shade of the rainbow.
  • Eiffel Tower light show celebrated the tower's 130th anniversary by producing a 12-minutes laser show recapping its history in May 2019.

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Popular Light Show Events

The 130th Anniversary Light Shows of The Eiffel Tower

The 2019 lightshow Eiffel Tower was an exceptionally designed event to celebrate 130 years of its opening to the public. The Eiffel tower offered three consecutive evenings for the Parisian audience a truly unique light all across the state. It also represented a 12-minutes laser show recapitulating its history and significance.

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A Very Special Light Show for Nuit Blanche 2018

On October 7 and 8, 2018, an original light show organized by ZEVS brought the Eiffel Tower to life for the Ville de Paris’ Nuit Blanche 2018. “Eiffel Phoenix: the obscure clarity that falls from the stars" was the name of the show. From midnight to 7 AM, people could see the lights fall one by one in the reverse order in which the engineers built it.

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Fireworks Display on July 14

Every year on July 14, the annual celebrations of “Bastille Day” for Parisians, those living in le-de-France, and visitors to the City of Lights take place with a display of Eiffel Tower fireworks. The fireworks began at 11 PM, and a French TV channel named France Television broadcasted the entire event.

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FAQs For Eiffel Tower Light Show

What is the Eiffel Tower light show?

The Eiffel Tower light show is a mesmerizing display of sparkling lights that illuminates the iconic Parisian landmark. It occurs every evening after sunset, typically starting at the top of the hour and lasts for about 5-10 minutes.

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When does the light show take place?

The Eiffel Tower light show takes place every evening, all year round. The exact timing of the light show may vary depending on the season and daylight hours. Typically, the lights come on at sunset and continue until the late evening.

How long does the light show last?

The Eiffel Tower light show usually lasts for about 5-10 minutes, and it's repeated at the top of every hour after dark until the tower closes.

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What is the best time to arrive to watch the light show?

The light show starts at the top of every hour after dark, so it's a good idea to arrive a bit earlier to secure a good spot, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Can I see different light shows on different days?

The light show's general pattern remains the same, with sparkling lights running for a few minutes every hour. However, on special occasions or certain events, there might be variations in the light show theme or duration.

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Where can I see the light show on the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower Light Show is visible from most locations across Paris. However, some of the most sought-after locations include the stairs of the Tower, Tower grounds, the Place du Trocadero, Seine River Cruises, Champ de Mars, Pont Alexandre III, Arc de Triomphe, the 16th arrondissement, Palais Galiera, and Pont e Bir-Hakeim.

Is there an admission fee to watch the Eiffel Tower Light Show?

No, there is no separate admission fee to watch the Eiffel Tower Light Show. If you wish to witness the show from the grounds or the riverbank, it is free of cost. However, if you choose to climb up the Tower or admire the visuals from different locations like Arc de Triomphe or Seine River Cruises, you would have to purchase tickets to the attractions.

Can you see the Eiffel Tower Light Show from anywhere in Paris?

Yes, the Light Show at the Eiffel Tower is visible from most locations in Paris. The views are, however, distorted or disrupted due to traffic or buildings obstructing the Tower. It is recommended that you choose a location high enough and close to the Tower or choose the Tower grounds and the riverbank for the best experience.

Can you take photos or videos during the Eiffel Tower Light Show?

Yes, you are permitted to click photographs and record videos of the Eiffel Tower Light Show and share them on social media. However, due to copyright protection rules and safeguards, professional use of images of the Light Show requires prior permission from authorities and you may also be required to pay a fee.

What is the best vantage point to view the Eiffel Tower Light Show?

Some of the best vantage points to witness the Light Show at the Eiffel Tower include the Tower grounds, the Seine River Cruises, the riverbank, the Place du Trocadero, the relatively unknown Port e Bir-Hakeim, the heritage attractions of Champ de Mars and Arc de Triomphe, and the iconic Pont Alexandre III.


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